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Black Screen is the program for people that spend long hours working with a computer.

It allows to

1. Rest your eyes
2. Reset your attention

Get it from CNET!
It’s FREE!
System requirements: Windows Vista/7/8/10.

Rest your eyes

A simple key press will turn your screen black. It’s much faster than turning your display off and on.

Reset your attention

It’s hard to stay focused when working on a computer. That’s why you often want to reset your attention – divert attention for no more than a few seconds.

To do that, you switch to reading news, browsing the web, watching videos or social networking. But more often than not, you get stuck there; instead of a few seconds, it takes minutes. And it’s hard to get focused again.

Using Black Screen you can reset attention without getting stuck.

After turning your screen black, press a key and see an awesome random photo for a few seconds as shown below:

Press the key many times to keep yourself amazed for a while with the stunning slideshow. Then, remove Black Screen and continue to work having your attention refreshed.

 Black Screen with shown context menu

For non-Windows people

I have an experimental web-application for that I developed several years ago:

It works for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and IE browser.

This web-application is by no means a substitute for the program. That is why I strongly encourage you to download and try the program out!

Get it from CNET!
It’s FREE!
System requirements: Windows Vista/7/8/10.


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